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  1. Strawberries

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    I can't believe I was actually about to die... I was in a room, on a cold floor. The walls were splattered with blood, and remains of bodies were scattered all over the floor. Blood ran down my arm. Not just any blood. My blood... I heard footsteps echo as they got closer to the room I was in. Was this how I would end? What a terrible ending... How about we start from the beginning?

    My name is [ ]. I am 12 years old. I live in a sunny town in California. I was at a birthday party with my friends. My best friend was turning 13. We were dancing and laughing and just having a great time. The party took place at a pizzeria. They had animatronics. They were funny and made us all laugh. They asked us to get up on the stage and dance and sing with them. After a while, an animatronic approached us. We have not seen this one before. It was a bunny I think. Well, it looked like it. He asked us to come with him for a surprise. My friends and I were excited, so we followed him. He brought us to a room. The walls were a dark color. The room looked pretty depressing. He told us to stay there so he could get the surprise... We all wondered what it could be... ~ To Be Continued ~ [ This story waz based off of Five Nights at Freddy's ] ( Anybody care to finish the story? )
  2. Duke_

    Duke_ The not-so-great art doggo

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    ... A knife! Slashing through bodies faster than light, it became my turn. [BLACKS OUT]
    Ugh... what happened? A tall, slender, purple skinned man stood before me. I walked up to him to greet him, but he backed away. I kept trying to go up but he just kept backing away.
    Eventually he backed up to the same rabbit costume he had had on earlier, and proceeded to put it on. He then laughed maniacally at me.
    Suddenly, SNAP! A loud cracking sound was heard. The man was bleeding every which way. He moaned and groaned and tried to stop the pain, but to no avail. Shaking and trembling, he cried and begged for help, in severe pain and agony. He continued to bleed, begging to be let out. He kneeled down, nearly immobile. And then, there was silence. No more was there screaming and yelling. The man had died.
    I started to feel strange. My brown, animatronic bear body glowed. I could now see more animatronics near me, their suits also glowing. And then, I felt free. No longer in pain. No longer cramped in a small space. My soul had finally been released from the dirty, brown tattered suit once and for all. My friends had done the same. We rejoiced, said our final goodbyes, and sailed away to heaven.
    The end.
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  3. Flame

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    A bunch of animatronics appeared,and everyone ran away.They reached a room that h had an animatronic mask,and [ ] decided to wear the mask to leave the pizzeria to ask for help.[]Fooled the animatronics for a little,but they noticed what was going on and chased everyone,until they get stuck by the animatronics on a closed room.It seemed to be the end until...Sunlight was coming from a few windows and when they saw the sunlight,they got disabled and the peaple ran away from the pizzeria.However,they never reached home...
  4. Ruby Rose

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    Guys, can we cut the add on stories?This isn't for everyone to write a sentence then let someone else add to it. It's for people to post short stories(a paragraph or two long) or poems that they came up with and comment/(in a friendly manner)criticis.
    Edit: If you want to write a story where others add onto it plz make a different thread for it.
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  5. AWSD-Spectre

    AWSD-Spectre i eat tires

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    Coming Home
    By: Qwertyperson

    Note: The following event actually happened...
    So after I took my final exam of the year (which took me a while to finish), I walked outside of the school to find no buses. I went to the front, and found a bench. As I sat on it, I took out my phone, and saw if I could call anyone for a ride. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anyone but my dad, and he was at work. I sat there, while digging at my bookbag for my mother's number, but to no avail. With nothing else to do, I just sat there, and hoped that my mother at least give me a ride. Since that didn't happen, I just sat there with nothing else to do. Then a group of people by me who went to my school talked about walking home. I never walked home by myself before, but it was worth a shot. I then propped myself up, grabbed my bookbag, and started my journey home. I thought to myself how this was a way summer wanted me to actually do something besides just sit there, or just a test of maturity by God. But nevertheless, I kept walking towards the street. The street was buzzing with cars, and was fearing what might happen if I crossed it. But I still pressed the button on the street signal, and saw the prange hand on the other side of the street turn into a walking white man. Walk? No, I ran to the other side of the street. I did the same to the other street, but I had to do this one without the helpful button, I was then walking straight on a sidewalk while it was still sunny. I saw some clouds in the distance, and wanted to hurry home. When I walked by the populated trees, I saw wildlife such as chipmunks, and varieties of birds. This will at least kill the boredom I was facing during that time. I felt a little nervous for some reason while walking though due to this being my first time walking home. I then faced another street, but this time, it was a main street flowing with cars. I saw a fork in the street with solid (not dotted) yellow lines signaling to not go there. I then remembered my dad using that to wait for another opening on a main street. I decided to do the same thing. Once I saw an opening to the flowing cars, I ran to the solid yellow-lined area to wait for another opening. Once there was, I crossed. I then walked across a parking lot of a bank of some sort, and watched for cars coming towards me. The sky was getting dark, and started to drizzle. I actually needed this, due to me sweating by the scorching sun, and the heavy bookbag I was carrying. I walked by some offices (which I don't know the purpose of), and saw a semi coming right towards me. I ran quickly across, and was safe. My heart was racing, but soon enough, it settled down. I was now walking on an extremely-grassy sidewalk. It was so grassy where I had to walk, I had to walk on the gutter of the street. The rain was settling down, but as it settled down, I saw myself heading towards the woods. This part of the street was ghost-like, and shady. I think I watched too many horror movies to know where this was going, so my heart-rate went up to ready itself. I did a pattern of looking at the woods, looking foward, looking back, and looking foward again. This was until I reached the edge of the woods, and on the sidewalk again. Now it was raining sideways, and I was enjoying it. I walked into the Electronic Valley (An area where Overhead Power-Lines are), and admired the huge power-lines and it's vast landscape. After stepping out of the Electronic Valley, I went past a plaza full of stores. I then had to walk straight to home. It then started to turn sunny outside. I was relieved it was all over, and felt more confident of myself doing all of this by myself. I then saw my phone, and it was 1:30. It only took my an hour to walk 9 miles to home, and I was proud of that. I went to the familiar part of the neighborhood, and felt happy. I finally went to my door, and walked in the house. I saw if anyone was home, by no one. They probably went somewhere, or something of that measure. I then decided to take the 30 minutes of my time to write this to show my experience, and I'm proud of that...

    THE END: Happy Summer Everyone!
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  6. Strawberries

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    A poem about cookiez ~ by Ruby Rose
    Cookiez r gud
    dey smell yumy
    i eet cookiez
    dey are delishus
    [Best poem... EVAR! Apparently, Ruby needs to work on her spelling...]
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  7. Strawberries

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    ANYWAYS..... back to writing.
    Potatoes ~ By StrawberriesxD

    Potatoes are yummy
    Potatoes are delicious
    Potatoes are derp
    If u no liek potatoes u ish lame
    Potato is love
    Potato is life
    Potato eats souls
    Potato killed Steven Stone
    Potato burned down shoutbox
    He. Is. YOU. :3
    (A derpy poem by StrawberriesxD :3)
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  8. ElectricShrew65

    ElectricShrew65 aka Osprey

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    December 24, 1916
    The Ardennes Forest, Belgium

    Dear Grandma,

    It's Christmas, and it's been two years since I signed up for this thing.

    A war.

    I'm not even sure if we're fighting for a cause. We simply stay in our trenches and slaughter hundreds of the enemy. They were simply boys, not even out of their teens.

    Just like me.

    After we repel their attack, we all get ready to lead a suicide charge ourselves.

    I hear the sound of the whistle seep through my eardrums as I go over the top.

    There's no choice. You gotta keep running. Deserting your comrades will result in you being executed.

    As I lie behind a rock, bombs, bullets and limbs from both sides fly over me. I see my friends die.

    My friends.

    I've been talking with them for years, and yet I see them die like animals in a war-torn battlefield.

    I'd rather see people rejoicing, singing, tearing open gifts, children playing and lights on Christmas than seeing people die from speeding bullets in an ugly, war torn battlefield for absolutely no reason other than greedy leaders who want control of Europe.

    I wish I was home to savor that Christmas dinner I've had for years.

    Your grandson,

    PS If I don't come back, tell my mom I died a hero.
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  9. FaZe Citrus

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    Alright. It was a cold night, the wind was howling like a wolf trying to find its pack. Everybody was asleep but not one person, and that person was James. James was a a high school senior everybody made fun of him. He had wished he could do something and he did. He became a mad for revenge,and that madness grew and grew and grew until one night he became a killer. He had killed most of the other seniors until he became bloodthirsty. But James had a murdering rival it was Jason. Now everyone knew the killer Jason, he had a hockey mask and a axe, then one night the two showed up at the same place. Then James realize that his target was Jason. To be continued
  10. AWSD-Spectre

    AWSD-Spectre i eat tires

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    I readied-up my sniper, and started to look for a target. I spot a man pointing an RPG towards a friendly tank. I aimed through my scope, and shot that bastard. As the tanks passed by along with allied soldiers, I saw a kid walking towards the dead body. I looked at his facial expressions, and they were blank. I then looked at his eyes, and they were pointing to the same RPG the dead man had. I was suprised of what the kid did after looking at the RPG: he was trying to picked it up. He was strugglinga little bit, but managed to put it above his right-shoulder. It was my duty to shoot him, but I wouldn't do the same to my own kids. No, this is war. Blood will be shed whether I like it or not. So I aimed at his head, held my breath, and pulled the trigger...

    Several days later, I returned home with my family which I missed so much. My kids were guns with their friends, and were shooting each other. I heard screams of pain outside my window as if someone was shot. I saw my kid on the floor injured. I quickly grabbed my revolver, stormed outside, and aimed at the culprits while giving warning shots. I picked up my son, and went inside. I told my own kid what had happened back there. He said that he tripped, and scrapped his knee. I looked at his knee, and the bullet-wound I saw earlier was just what he said: a scrapped knee. I went to the bathroom, cleansed my face with water, and looked at the mirror for a couple of seconds. I saw an unstable man who can break at any moment. I saw a time-bomb who can explode at any second. I saw a war ready to happen at ang second. But most importantly, I saw myself, war-torn. I wasn't ready for this, was I? I didn't want to be drafted, but I had to otherwise I would've faced many years in jail. I expected this to happen, but not like this. I then saw a revolver on the sink. The same one I had to use while playing Russian Roulette when I was captured by the opposing forces. I grabbed it, and pointed it to my head. I wanted to lose the game so badly, so I closed my eyes, and heard a BANG! My wife found me passed out on the floor. It was all just one of my visions of war. I lost the game, but somehow won. I remembered I had a family to take care of, and protect, so I stood up...
  11. Ruby Rose

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    Hey guys, this thread is still here. I just had to dig it up and clean it up a bit. Go ahead and post some stories, but be sure to read the first message of this thread to know the rules.
    Also I added a poll if you think this thread should be pinned or not.
  12. AWSD-Spectre

    AWSD-Spectre i eat tires

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    This is one of my lazy works, but I wanted to do this kind of story for quite some time...

    Author's Note: This takes place in an alternative timeline. This isn't based on anything...

    [INFO] Searching for Connection...
    [LOG] You are currently using V1.2.0 of VCS (Vec. Console Service) on June 21st, 2003
    [INFO] Found Connection!
    [INFO] Connecting to Server...
    [INFO] Connected to Server!
    [INFO] Press "/" To use command. Comment by typing...
    [BOT] Attention all using this program, use it wisely. Vector can tell if you are using it for corruptive purposes. This program is so you can keep in touch with him, and control the inner tower of VecTech.
    [Security127] The coolers seem to be malfunctioning. Reset to 0 so I can check what's going on.
    [Command] /reset to 0 [cooler] [all]
    [Security127] Thanks. I'll tell you when to return to factory settings.
    [Security54] My computer's out of whack. Can you see what's the problem?
    [Command] /run scan [computer57]
    [INFO] Virus Detected! Type: Trojan Virus. Server of Origin: 180.23.34. Erase from computer? Type Y/N
    [Command] Y
    [INFO] Executing Virus from Computer...
    [ERROR 1] Virus Not Found...
    [CONSOLE] The virus isn't there...
    [Security54] Oh. Well, you got the server code?
    [CONSOLE] Yeah. I'll go see where it's coming from...
    [Command] /search all [180.23.34]
    [INFO] Searching...
    [INFO] Server found! Sending coordinates...
    [INFO] X: --.- Y: --.- Z: --.-
    [ERROR 27] Coordinates not sent successfully.
    [ERROR 90] Breach in the console.
    [Command] /contact [Vector]
    [ERROR 0] Command not found.
    [ALERT] Console not responding. Resetting...
    [INFO] Console reset successfully!
    [ALERT] Moved to server 180.23.34
    [Unknown] Greetings rookie.
    [CONSOLE] Who are you? And what do you want?
    [Unknown] That's not important. What is important is the bombs.
    [CONSOLE] What are you talking about?
    [Unknown] The coolers were malfunctioning, which caused Security #127 to check it out. With him out of the way, planting the bomb there was as easy as pie.
    [CONSOLE] You're going to disable the cooler system? Then that means they'll be nothing to cool down the core with.
    [Unknown] Exactly, and according to my research, when that core gets too hot, and unstable, boom goes your building.
    [CONSOLE] Why are you doing this?
    [Unknown] The man you're working for isn't what you think he is. He took everything from me, even my identity. Now I want revenge.
    [CONSOLE] What did he do to you?
    [Unknown] Let me tell you. I was once a police officer working for the NYPD. Me and my buddy Vinny were assigned to a hostage situation in some secluded, and sketchy place. To me, and my partner's suprise, there were no hostages. There was only me, my partner, HIM, and the surrounding security that works for him. We then became the hostages, and were excorted to a secret lab underground somewhere. They kept me, and my partner in cells for days. Then he came along with his security, and dragged us to a series of chairs with other people sitting on them. I saw Vinny for the last time being dragged a separate direction They were surrounded by glass so they can see us...They strapped me up, and a scientist came up to me, and said, "By the time this stuff goes in your body, you won't be you...". I didn't know what he meant. There were no mirrors, and we were forced to wear suits that covered our whole body. Taking them off will set off an alarm, dooming you to die by the security...I had to get out of there, so me, and others devised a plan to get out. The alarm went off, and the security were on our tail. The others died, and I was the only soul who got out alive. I was bleeding out, and couldn't see anything but trees. I realized that I was in the woods. After several minutes of me limping, I've found some road. I hitched a ride from someone in a pick-up truck. He didn't seem to mind me in the suit, but he did question some. He asked me, "Where were you from?". I replied, "From...a cell...underground.". He looked at me, suprised, "What did they do to you?". I wasn't sure, but I wanted to find out. Just not when he's around. So I replied with this, "They did so many thing to me, I don't think I can remember...". He then said, "Oh, well that's horrible.". He noticed my wounds, and said, "There's a first aid in the back if you want to take it. I did. He took me to the city limits, and I thanked him for the ride. I walked to my apartment, with no one inside, but me. I went to the bathroom, and removed my suit. The scientist was right. I didn't see me. You understand? He didn't just take my identity, he took my humanity as well. I know this was a complex story of me to follow, but you asked for it.
    [CONSOLE] Wait, you?
    [Unknown] Wait, were you the driver?
    [CONSOLE] Yes, I remember giving a strange man a ride to the city limits, but I never thought all of that was true.
    [Unknown] Well then.
    [CONSOLE] Shoot, I hear footsteps.
    [Unknown] There's a vent by your desk, use that to get down to the first floor, and escape. Carry a screwdriver with you. Specifically the size 3/16".
    [CONSOLE] Okay, but how long do I have?
    [Unknown] About 1:30
    [CONSOLE] I have time then.
    [Unknown] I don't know if we'll bump into each other again, but good luck to you too.
    [CONSOLE] Goodbye then.
    [INFO] Console disconnected...
    [Unknown] Thanks for everything...
    [INFO] Unknown disconnected
    [ALERT] Coolers Malfunctioned
    [ALERT] Core Unstable!
    [Vector] Coolers Malfunctioning, set off the alarm immediately!
    [ALERT] Core Highly Unstable!
    [CONSOLE2] The command's not found!
    [Vector] I want to know who done this immediately!
    [ALERT] Core Critically Unstable!
    [Security1] CONSOLE1 worker spotted running to the exit, open fire?
    [Vector] Open fire!
    [Security1] OPENING FI
    Lost connection to the server...
  13. █►тєяму◄█

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    Heh. I was the first one to start stories in this forum and then more writers started joining a year afterwards. Perfect for my needs.
    > = )
    If only the site update from last year didn't wipe out all my old stories. sigh
    I'll write my 4th horror story (now my 1st because of the site update) for you gentlemen. How about that?
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  14. Theta Meta

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    I feel nothing nor do I care about the answers or the points as I still refuse to change it...
    What is happiness... Something we are just told from birth..? Something we just hang into and trick ourselves into...? Or is it just a way for our minds to escape the horrible reality...? The reality that our every step our every word... Everything birth everything we know... Is merely a lie... The watchmen.. The lies... The false plays... All just a way to cope with all of it we live under a hood of falsehood... We watch those who smile the brightest and wonder why... When in reality they are only the worst off... The most depressed... We listen and believe what we are told like mindless drones.... We fight when the workers take your jobs.... Because you are to lazy... We continue to keep our eyes closed and say we are free... When in reality we are further from freedom then ever before... So tell me what is happiness....? What is it really....
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  15. Theta Meta

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    This not a double post as in before I am not correcting anything.. But did grow tried of waiting... So yeah... View discretion is advised not swearing but for the content in context of society..
    Now I find myself in a predicament...But not like anyone is going to answer because I'm just that girl.. No name no importance... Just that retarded emo Mexican with problems.... Now I find myself in a predicament... But not like anyone is going to answer because I'm just that girl.. No name, no importance... Just that retarded emo mex girl with problems.... Sigh.... Oh... How I love this place.... Between the hope and happiness.. The names and the gameplay... Now it's just "who are you again?"... Or your just a ghost... Then again.. I probably deserve it like I do everything that happens to me though my days... Between the racism... The cutting.. The bullying... The shoving... The beatings... And the broken bones.... Along with a broken heart and a dead beat father..... Sometimes I wonder... Is this all I will be.... Just an unknown number.... What does it matter not like anyone cares.....
  16. AWSD-Spectre

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    Author's Note: I have changed the direction of the story. It's now more serious than it's previous chapter (I know, weird), and has a bigger cast. Who's to be starred in this, and many more stories to come? Well, looks like you're going to find out. READ THE ORIGINAL HERE: http://pixelgun3dforums.com/index.php?threads/contreversie.13723/

    Chapter 3: No One's Immortal
    By: AWSD-GUY

    The fire of the explosion revealed the surrounding soldiers, and the scars Vash had on his face. The duo realized what was going on, and why Vash wasn't himself lately. They looked at him, and said, "You're not Vash, you're just a fake." Vash then argued, "I'm not just any fake, I'm his brother. After what he did to me, I swore I would have my revenge, and I did. Now to erase one more piece to this puzzle". We looked at him in disbelief, and exclaimed, "What are you talking about?". Vash then continued, "You, Qwerty. You were one of my prototypes. I was testing you this whole time to see if you were superior than any human. Turns out you weren't". Qwerty then looked at him, and said, "You don't have to do this. I tried so hard to prove myself". Vash then ordered the soldiers to pin then down to the ground. Vash then came forward, grabbed a gun out of his pocket, and proceeded to aim the gun at Qwerty's face. Vash then said, "What a waste of metal". He pulled the trigger, and the bullet went through his head. He's dead. I noticed that the surrounding soldiers were lying on the ground motionless, but my full attention was the gun that was aimed on my face. He had his finger on the trigger, and his soulless eyes staring directly at me. Then, someone tackled Vash, and the soldiers fell over dead. They had arrows sticking out of their skulls. I then saw the mysterious figure on Vash pointing the gun at him. I told him to allow me to finish the job. He gave me the gun, and I proceeded to his beat-up body. I aimed at his head, but I decided that he needed a more painful punishment than that. So I aimed lower down his body, and pulled the trigger. He screamed in pain, and felt regret on his face. I then looked around, and saw yet another mysterious figure emerge from the inferno surrounding me. He was weilding a bow, and a pack that held arrows. He seemed like a mute, but can still communicate by other means. He reached to his pocket, and pulled out a police badge with his name: Vinnie Dragovich. Craig then said, "After all these years, and here you are". The other mysterious figure introduced himself as well. He said, "Where are my manners? Hello, I am AWSD. Me, and your once alive friend over there are prototypes. Of course, I'm the original made by the real deal". He extended his hand for a hand-shake. I accepted his hand-shake, and told him that the fake is done with. AWSD said, "He has friends Craig, and they know what happened. By the looks of it, he inserted camera-contact-lens to his eyes to see his every move. Since you've look dead at him, they know what you look like. Luckily, we're here to protect you, along with other allies". "Allies? What allies?", I said in confusion. He said, "I'll show you, along with what you have to deal with".
    To be continued...​
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  17. Fury

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    You, the reader sat alone,
    Protected by your comfy home,
    Or so you thought,
    As you left the door unlocked.

    You snuggle up,
    Tired in bed,
    Resting your weary head,
    But suddenly... You hear a sound,
    Panicking, you look around.

    "Oh thank goodness! A source of light!",
    You cry, as turn you turn on the lamp, in fright.

    Just when you think you're safe, you hear a sound,
    "Thanks for turning on the light..."
    It whispers, making you turn around
    "I couldn't find you in all that darkness..." It continues, claws outstretched,
    Watching you from the edge of the bed.

    -Darkness, by me :smile:
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  18. Strawberries

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    I'm writing this.
    I dunno why.
    Why am I writing this?
    Don't I have better things to do?
    Okay, I don't.
    But still, why am I writing this?
    Tell me, please?
    To be perfectly honest,
    I had no idea what to write.
    I'm just writing what comes to mind.
    Maybe I'm just thinking too hard?
    "What to write" is repeated in my mind.
    What to write, what to write?
    I don't know.
    Will I know?
    If so, when?
    Maybe I'm not very creative.
    Green isn't a very creative color.
    So I thought, "Why not use blue?"
    Just tell me.
    Why am I writing this?

    Questions. Will these ones ever be answered....?
    ~ By Moi! :3
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  19. AWSD-Spectre

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    The Writing You've Read
    As you are reading this, you are blinking to moisten your eyeballs. As you are reading this, you are looking at these very words conducted by tiny particles known as pixels. As you are reading this, you see that there has been two sentences already. As you are reading this, you are questioning on why I know your every move. These moves are a part of life, and you are part of it. Life is synchronized so that you do things your body is forced to do, and what your body is used to doing. Like how you are scrolling down to read more of this story, and how your eyes are moving from left to right to left again to read this very sentence. You look around your room, paranoid of what will come. Your heart beats faster to the thought of someone watching you. You return to this writing you're reading right now. You're still trying to find the motive for this writing. But now, you've realized that this isn't a writing, as you can't write on the internet; this is typed on the internet for someone to read. You're reading this right now figuring out when this would end. You skip to the bottom to see how long this is. This writing is pretty long, isn't it? Now back to the real-world. Check your closet. You see nothing right? No. You see clothes, secrets, belongings from your childhood, books, and most of all, darkness. You see darkness around this very planet, and question what could be in it. Well I have the answer: me. I'm the very one lurking in the dark, watching every move of everyone. You can't escape the dark, because you have darkness inside you. Inside your eye-sockets, it's dark. Beneath your skin, it's dark. When you go to sleep, and you close your eyes, it's dark. I am the one who's been following you since you were born, planning how I want you to die, or suffer. I am the author of your pain,and suffering all these years, and you are wondering, "Why is he saying this?", well let me tell you. This is the Writing You've Read, and I made you read it. I knew this darnkess stuff, and the predictions would catch your attention, and will make you read even further. And to top it off, convince you that I was the darkness, even though I'm not. I'm merely just words jumbled together to create sentences. And now, you're less-interested in this reading, and feel gullible into believing that stuff back there. You now see the end approaching, and feel happy that this is over. Well, I'm not. I fell that this wasn't enough fun for me. I need a little more juice than that. So I say to you this, and be ready, because the fun's just beginning...
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  20. Strawberries

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    Say you're sitting in bed, in the dark, clutching a flashlight.
    You turn the flashlight on and look around.
    What do you see.
    I'm in your room.
    Stealing your Mtn Dew and Doritos.
    You didn't need them right?
    I also took your MLG sunglasses.
    How did you even get these?
    You're not MLG.
    But I am.
    I grab a knife and walk towards you...
    And I stab your pillow.
    Feathers fly around and scatter on the floor.
    I pick one up. .3.
    I look at it closely. •-•
    And I start tickling you with it. :U
    I'm not weird. ._.
    I'm just your friendly neighborhood creepy stalker. :3
    I would never hurt you. :>
    No! :0
    I'm not a perv, I swear! >.>
    I jumped out your window.
    ....while eating Doritos...
    Cats are fluffy.
    Are you saying I'm weird?
    I'm not.
    I'm MLG :I

    Wtfish iz dis $#!+
    By Berries and some random friends.
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