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  1. Duke_
    College was a mistaaaaake!! :D
  2. Melonenkopp
    Melonenkopp MatthewGo707
    Didn't you have a whole ass diaper fetish art account my guy
  3. Melonenkopp
  4. Melonenkopp
    Melonenkopp Horny Jessica
    Need a girlboss in my life
  5. Melonenkopp
    Melonenkopp Horny Jessica
    Please talk to me love
  6. Melonenkopp
    I'm so strong
  7. Melonenkopp
    I despise this account
  8. GetNoScoped
    holy shit 11 year old me was hella cringy god fucking damn
  9. BurnedOutRevenge
    Here’s my discord Kokoro403#7779
    1. GoldMan27
      Hey, just sent ya a friend request earlier! :)
      Feb 5, 2021
  10. BurnedOutRevenge
    Hello everyone. Revisiting this forum to see if anyone who knew me wants to keep contact with me
  11. Chaotix
    In case someone wants to reconnect and chat, here is my Steam code: 880399653 . I hope you're all doing well.
  12. Len Gamer
    Len Gamer
    Miss you all <3
  13. Len Gamer
    Len Gamer
    Here is my steam code: 1068822199
  14. Len Gamer
    Len Gamer
    Here is my discord: P e r e t#7308
  15. Len Gamer
  16. Ghoozine
    post 2 of 2020, getting random emails was fun; so was the site being blank
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  17. GoldMan27
    Anyone else notice the forum was down today?
    1. Flame
      Yeah, I got some emails about people posting on threads even though the site was down
      Nov 7, 2020
  18. GallantGamingKnight
  19. GoldMan27
    GoldMan27 Vetrix
    Hey Vetrix! Glad to have found you preserved the KvC series! Saw your post on Aardwolf's profile from last year. :D
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    2. BurnedOutRevenge
      Oh my gosh this brings back memories
      Jan 27, 2021
  20. GoldMan27
    Been even more ages since I was here, glad to see a few souls still post here every so often though. :)
    1. Phantom Rose
      Phantom Rose
      Yea! Same here, how it been for you! Its been a weird year tbh
      Oct 17, 2020